4 Networking Tips for Job Seekers

Networking Tips for Job SeekersWhether if you have a rich educational background, great experiences and lines of achievements in your resume, in certain cases, networking is still the best method to secure a job. You commonly hear your friend getting a job through someone, or might be recommended by someone.

Your best friends, past co-workers, and bosses are those who recognise you very well. They will not inform or recommend any job offer that doesn’t fit you.Instead, they will help you to find the best ones that fit with your overall capabilities.

However, not all of job seekers possess great networking skills. If you are looking for a job and not sure about how to go about with the networking stuff, here are some tips you can do right now:

1. Your Network is Bigger than You Think

When we talk about networking, some of you might only refer those who have previously work with you or friends in your schools and colleges. Past co-workers and bosses are great, but there’s a lot of potential people who can be included into your networking lap.

Co-workers of your family and friends, parents of your child’s friends, your neighbours or anyone you see regularly are people who can offer you a job opportunity!

Explore all of your options and maintain a good relationship with them. Be a nice person and don’t hesitate to make friends with anyone surrounds you!

2. Contact Your Network Regularly (Even if You Don’t Need To)

Once you get a lot of networks, it’s time for you to nurture the relationship with them. Do not only contact them when you need them, as you will be considered as a profit-oriented individual who just pops out when you need something!

Instead, tie up your relationship through some easy ways such as emails or social media platforms. Simply by saying “Hi” or asking about how their condition will make them get closer to you. Else, you can send the links to articles and book recommendations, or anything they might be interested in to make them happy. The basis for the healthiest kind of network is to give and take. You scratch their back, and they’ll scratch yours!

3. Be Helpful Whenever You Can

Be a nice, helpful person as you can benefit more good things as the returns. Let your network of contacts know that if there’s anything you can help them, you will be happy to.

4. Be Honest to Your Contacts

If you are now jobless and need information about job offers, be honest! Humans love to help others naturally, so don’t hesitate to ask for their help!

The vast numbers of contacts on your mobile phones, Facebook and emails are nothing if you can’t nurture a good relationship with them. These 4 networking tips might be helpful to build up your better networking, and good luck with your job search!


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