7 Things Good Job Seekers Do on Social Media

jobseekerSocial media is the “in-thing” now. People take it seriously, including hiring managers. Any smart job seekers would pay more attention to their social media accounts. It is now regarded as part of job search in this digital era. Of course, most people know how to use social media in their personal lives. However, in the professional world, it is different. There’s a huge chance that your social profiles are being checked by hiring managers.   Here’s your to-do list to upkeep your social media accounts:

1. Active user on a few social media platforms There are so many social media platforms nowadays. Don’t be present on all of them. It’s better if you are active only on 2 or 3 platforms. Make well-crafted and up-to-date profile on those accounts you are on.  

2. Keep (or make) it clean Have you ever posted something harsh or offensive? Delete it immediately, even after a long time. You need to make sure that your public information stays clean. Keep in mind not to post any random or rude status ever again.  

3. Bundle all of your accounts Manage your social media accounts together. Have it connected to one another. Also, never forget to add some links on every single accounts to other websites that is linked to you or even showcase your biography/portfolio (if any). It will be much easier for hiring managers to learn more about you.  

4. Show some professionalism You might go by a popular nickname that your old buddies gave to you. But please, use your real name on all of your social media accounts. You don’t want to be called by that silly name forever, right? Also, use a recent and proper photo for your display picture. Make sure that the photo could define your competency and friendly attitude.   5. Consistent personal branding So, you a serious person on LinkedIn, but often shares hilarious memes on Facebook. Your personal branding isn’t consistent then. From now on, start to posts similar things on all of your social media accounts. Yes, it sounds like a plan. Remember, don’t go easy on social media anymore.  

6. Schedule, if you’re too busy With many things to do, it is no wonder that we keep forgetting to update our social media accounts. Some of us left it deserted, and that’s not a good sign for any hiring managers as they could be assessing based on your not-updated info and social reputation. Luckily, there are plenty of social media management tools recently. Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT,SocialOomph, TweetDeck, SocialFlow, ArgyleSocial, you name it!  

7. Stay in touch with people you know, and get to know people you don’t know There are a lot of people who are currently already connected to your social media accounts, but you probably only interact with only a few (family, significant other, best friends). Greet your old pals and maintain good relationships with them. Social media made it a lot easier, right? Apart from people you really know, there are some people on your social media that you don’t have any idea who they are. Don’t remove them! Instead, if you see any capable person on the list, why don’t you send a personalised message to them? Count that as digital networking.   More and more people realise the power of social media. It’s natural that job offers might come from social media.


This article first appeared on TBC HR Consulting’s website at www.tbchr.com 

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