Exclusive Workshop: Designing Blended Learning Journeys by Lori Figueiredo

Our Head Learning Strategist will be conducting an exclusive workshop in Kuala Lumpur soon! Find out more how you can get your content ready for mobile learning and get your team learning on the go.

Program Title: Designing Learning Journey Workshop
Venue:  Level 4, Pentagon Suite, Jalan Teknokrat 6, Cyberjaya, Selangor 63000 Malaysia 
Date: 24 & 25 February 2016
Time: 9am to 5pm 

Syzygy!® Series Cycle 1 | Developing your mindset as a learning journey designer

“We all have an innate ability to learn, adapt and continuously improve, as we have for millions of years.  This is called evolution.  We have a need to strive towards a meaningful purpose.  This is called motivation.  We achieve more when we work and learn with others.  This is called collaboration.”  Lori Figueiredo, Learning Strategist.

As learning designers, we will challenge our assumptions and existing mindset.  We will apply simple techniques to create high impact learning journeys that connect people with their natural ability to:
•    Improve their own performance
•    Achieve a clear purpose
•    Add value to their organisation’s performance

Over 3 weeks as we apply the step-by-step Syzygy!® design process you will create the learning journey for a real target group you need (or would like) to develop.  You will be guided through the design process:
•    Week 1 – 3: Using the mobile coaching app with content to LEARN, activities to DO and responses to SHARE with others on this course 
•    Week 2: Bring your work-in-progress to the 1-day workshop and get live coaching by Lori plus a chance to share face-to-face as a group
•    End of Week 3: Share your successes on a virtual call

Learning Objective
Using your real life scenario we will work and learn together to design the end-to-end learning journey for your target group using the Syzygy!® Approach.  You will immediately LEARN, DO and SHARE step-by-step the Syzygy!® design principles, tools and techniques that support learning in real life; in real time; in real teams.  

Expected Learning Outcome
You will design the learning journey for your chosen target group to build:
•    Their capabilities critical to achieve a clear purpose
•    A community that works and learns together
•    A culture of continuous improvement 

Course Outline
We will practice what we preach….  We will form our own learning team and learn as we work together through our 3-step design process:
•    Step 1. Imagine success; define the PEOPLE involved and their PURPOSE with breakdown of their performance outcomes critical for their success
•    Step 2. Create success; develop the end-to-end learning PROCESS as a journey made up of 70/20/10, learning PLATFORM (delivery mechanisms, materials and tools) & learning PRINCIPLES to ensure engagement and empowerment
•    Step 3. Celebrate success; outline mechanisms to assess, reward and showcase successes

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