HR in Asia: Being Lifetime Learners Together with Coursepad

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Both leaders and employees need to be continuously learning, especially in this fast-changing and competitive industry. HR professionals must aim to create lifetime learners on their company.

Workplace learning has been around since forever, yet it’s not progressed. According to Kevin Chan, CEO of Coursepad, “Close to 90% of workplace learning is done via face-to-face classroom courses with only 10% of that being served as e-learning right now.”

As manpower costs rise and work environments require increasing knowledge capital, learning and development departments are being pressured to deliver solutions that deliver an optimal cost-benefit. Luckily, there’s a tool to help HR professionals for people development area.

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Coursepad Collaborates with CET Global

We are supremely excited about what’s coming next!

In the coming months, Coursepad is collaborating with CET Global to leverage on each other’s abilities – Coursepad to provide a robust and effective technological platform, and CET Global to provide expertise in human capital development.

Who is CET Global?

CET Global is focused on helping organizations optimize their human capital. Here’s what they say about themselves:

CET Global Pte Ltd specializes in competency-based approach to deliver organizational’s outcomes through our ‘People-Process-Performance’ approach in human resources management and development, training programmes design and delivery, and simplifying technology applications.

The directors of CET Global – Thomas Yeo, Daryl Lim, and Dr Soo Wai Man are all veterans from Singapore’s Workforce Development Agency. Before this, Dr Soo Wai Man was also directing the Institute of Adult Learning.

This represents an enormous knowledge and experience working with various organizations and industries in the area of human resource management & development, training and programme design. You simply cannot find such a concentration of experience anywhere else.

In addition to that, they have the experience in understanding how best organizations can get help from the Workforce Development Agency, in the form of grants, applications, and processes.

Why is this important and what this means?

Coursepad and CET Global are able to provide value organizations cannot find elsewhere – not only do clients get the best tech and experience in developing human capital and processes; clients are also getting experience and knowledge to obtain the backing of the Singapore Government.

More than that, we are joining forces to put a Singaporean learning system into the public sector – a market that has been traditionally dominated by conventional and large service providers. With a small yet highly experienced team, alongside a simple yet powerful tech platform, Coursepad and CET Global can provide organizations great results at great value.

Let us all look forward to better results for organizations and their talents.

Wishing you well,


Kevin Chan & Team Coursepad

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