Did You Choose The Wrong Career Path? What are the signs that say that you did

success_roadThe idea of growing a steady career is always a personal challenge, especially so when you seem to know a lot of things and too often unrelated to one another. That is, you could be an IT personnel and have a knack for marketing. You have the potentials of a human resource manager yet some of your hidden talents can very well be used in sales. For others, being gifted with more than one skill is far better than just knowing one type of work all your life, in that there is nothing else to fall back on in cases wherein you have finally burned out in your work. It is sad news that not every working individual is happy where they are; this not only affects their work productivity but also their personal career growth. To most people, financial gain is not always the reason when looking for the right job. Since it takes at least 2 decades of career before finally retiring from work, they believe you should at least love what you do. Here are a few signs that tell you’re in the wrong career. When you find yourself relating to these issues, know that it only takes a matter of boldness to make a career switch or try to work something out.

1. Every day is not a new day During your first months or years in the work you’re probably excited as can be, but all too sudden the excitement of going to work wears off and it didn’t take you long to finally realize you’re almost dragging yourself up for work each day. Studies show that this feeling is non-existent to those who are in the right career yet remains a frustrating feeling for those in the wrong one.

2. Mediocrity seems normal Success seems far-fetched where you are, it’s as if you can’t seem to see the light in your long, dark tunnel. If any, success in your work is not even something that excites you. For you, it’s enough that you go through the daily grind with no intention of making extra stretches. Status quo is how you’d describe your career.

3. You strongly feel you should be doing something else Career advisors agree that a lot of individuals put themselves in a place of work on the merits only that others were successful in it and with the hope that they will reap the same results. Marrying yourself to a job that has no soulful bearing will not only make you feel lost in your job but that it makes everything a big joke. This is simply because you just can’t force yourself to like a job you’re not meant to do, let alone love it.

4. Your work performance is forgettable Being in the wrong career creates a chain of reaction, one of which is unremarkable work performance. You’ve become a passive worker avoiding any leadership responsibility for possible recognition. While you still finish your work on schedule, nothing about it is significant to even merit you commendation from your team leader or your superiors.

5. Stress is getting its way into you This is not to say that your role or load of work is so much so that it causes you great anxiety. The takeaway is the amount of stress you’re experiencing even in the tiniest amount of tasks. In the same way that you can’t even determine your stressor even if you plan on managing it.

6. You begin to feel sorry for yourself This could probably be the greatest blunder of all. Just when you see your colleagues experience the taste of success in their career you feel nothing but disappointment in yourself. The feeling gets harder to bear when you know to yourself that you’re just as competitive as everyone else, if not better.


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