Doing what you already know

“In 2004, nine hospitals in Michigan began implementing a new procedure in their intensive care units (I.C.U.)… Three months after it began, the procedure had cut the infection rate of I.C.U. patients by sixty-six percent. Within 18 months, this one method had saved 75 million dollars in healthcare expenses… This medical miracle was also simpler that you could ever imagine. It was a checklist.”

James Clear, Do More of What Already Works

The reason for it’s effectiveness was: Doctors were supposed to follow particular hygiene routine to prevent infection. Although these steps were known for years, some doctors occasionally skipped steps.

Thus, implementing the checklist reminded and kept doctors responsible for their hygiene, and it worked tremendously well.

This insight can easily be applied to many of our personal and business lives.

Sometimes we’re preoccupied with matters, or we think to ourselves, “It’s alright, this time it won’t matter.”

Skipping certain steps, especially steps that we think are mundane and carries little significance, seem like no big deal to us.

  • Think about your stack of business cards, of the people you’ve met a recent event. Have you followed with an email or a short message to them?
  • How about your team that you’re managing? Do you sit down at least monthly to have a short chat with how they’re doing, and make plans with them?
  • Do you sleep on time, drink water throughout the day, floss your teeth, and exercise regularly?

These are fundamental things that take a small part of our lives. Everyone knows that they’re necessary, yet many don’t follow through.

Actionable steps

Using technology, we can easily remind and hold ourselves accountable. Some people like to use Reminders, or set recurring tasks in Wunderlist.

A few of us in Coursepad use and join a community of people trying to build certain habits.

In terms of fitness and diet, some people use MyFitnessPal.

Regardless of what you use, the point is to use external systems that are unbiased and not prone to our human whims.

Let us know what YOU use on a regular basis to build habits and keep yourself accountable!

P.S. We’re not affiliated with any of the above products. We just find it super useful.

P.P.S. Our next step: we’re building a learning system that uses AI to prompt, encourage, and adapt to individual learner profiles + business needs. We too want to make learning a habit for you and your team!

Contact me if you know a learning manager from an organization with more than 500 people, and are actively doing internal training.

Wishing you well,

Chia Wei

Chia Wei & Team Coursepad

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