A Job Offer Comes: Time to Celebrate? Not So Fast!

Consider Job OfferAfter being busy for crafting the best resumes and attending some stages of job interviews, your most-wanted result come: a job offer! Even some of you might more lucky to have more than one appealing job offers in some companies at the same time!

Whether you get a single or multiple job offers, you must have some considerations before saying ‘yes’ to  one of the good news.

Job seekers, both fresh graduates and the professional ones often choose a job offer with the highest salary, but is the payroll-orientation guarantee you to perform the best, even working at a long-term period?

Some additional consideration might be worth to think about as you will engage one-third of your daily live times to a working environment, do some specific tasks, meet and socialize with the boss and colleagues, handle the company’s customer and more.

Can’t wait to celebrate your first day working? Here are some considerations before accepting a job offer!


As what most job seekers would guess, money is the first consideration to select a job offer. If you also think about it, you are not wrong!

Today’s higher life expenses and lifestyle requires a balanced income to stay survive in this world. A salary offer might be very appealing, as some cash flows would better than none (when you are jobless).

However, this perspective might be true when you are in urgent conditions (no cash in your pocket, no place to shelter, no friends or families’ support), as you will die soon if you don’t get any cash immediately. If you are not in such urgent situation, you better to remember that money doesn’t always bring happiness.

A research study entitled The Journal of Happiness Study reveals that money increases happiness only when it allows people to move from a poverty to about $50,000 a year. Beyond that, more money doesn’t have a significant impact on happiness. So, are you sure to take the highest offer one? If not, the next considerations might help you.


Everybody has a passion of love and job seekers commonly follow it when they take the college studies. If you have a job offer that suits your passion and gives a high salary, you are the luckiest one!

However, the dreaming job seemed to not always happen in everybody’s life, sometimes you need to sacrifice the money orientation to follow your passion or vice versa.

However, working in the passionate job field could bring more happiness in your life, decrease the burnout and help you feel more valuable and confident. If the job offers you a standard salary (not the extremely low salary), view it as the milestone. Since you still need more experience, skills, proficiency, and self-development, it is worth to accept the job offer.

Company’s culture and people

Company’s culture and the colleagues are two things that already exist in a workplace, it is beyond your capability to change them to be ones that you are expected, indeed!

It is important for you to do a simple research about the company’s culture like how it treats the employees, awards the achievement and values the efforts. Go through the company’s websites to gain more information but if you are still curious, you can simply interview one of the employees or those who have worked in the company.

Reflect yourself, are you willing to try working in such company’s culture and socialize with those colleagues? If your answer is ‘yes’ then you can accept the job offer right now.

The Future Prospect

Not all kinds of occupations are immortal, some of them might be no longer needed in a business or perhaps replaced by machines and software applications.

It is vital for you to consider your future prospect while pursuing the recent career. Are your regular tasks and duties lead you to higher skills and capabilities? Conversely, does your recent job stuck you at the same proficiency? Such questions could be asked to yourself to determine your future self-development and career prospect.

Having a job offer is such a gift, but don’t stop to only consider the visible benefits such as the salary, allowance, insurance, and facilities. Job seekers are better to start thinking the invisible aspects like the self-development, skills, and proficiency enhancement and to follow the passion that could bring a brighter future career and happier life as well.


This article first appeared on TBC HR Consulting’s website at www.tbchr.com

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