Why workplace learning sucks :( and how we’re fixing it

Do you know, 59% of companies still use paper files and Excel sheets to manage training?

Everyone knows that if you rely on manual methods, people doing the data entry are bound to forget, prone to mistakes, and resources can go missing.

Yet why? Why in this day and age, are people still doing this?LMS BuyerView 2015 Charts watermarked.001

It’s not like there’s nothing out there to help with this. There are tons of Learning Management Systems (LMS) available in the market, each with their own strength/weakness/features.

These are the top-requested functionality for LMS. Most just want storage, tracking, and reporting. This is almost universally provided by any LMS out there.

LMS BuyerView 2015 Charts watermarked.003

Fundamentally there must be something wrong if there’s supply and demand but there’s no activity.

While working and discussing with our clients and partners, we found that the obstacle was really simple.

No one likes to do more work.

Especially if it doesn’t directly impact their bottom line.


In many organizations, existing systems are not fully dysfunctional. To many managers, the effort to change the entire system seems colossal, and outweighs the benefit that comes with it.

They have train the team on the new system, come up and enforce compliance with new processes, engage learning designers to update the content, etc…

Many LMS out there are simply not able to provide an end-to-end experience that enables better learning management without overwhelming and hassling the people involved in this change.

Understanding this, we realize we cannot simply reach out to organizations as just a tech platform.



Thus, we are now working with Syzygy! to provide an end-to-end mobile learning journey for management and learners alike.

  1. To start off, we will guide you through Syzygy!’s framework that identifies core behaviors and people to train, with a world-class learning consultant.
  2. Then, we upgrade your existing content to bite-sized, activity-based mobile learning.
  3. On the techy side of things, we will help organizations set up, launch, maintain their own training platform with their own smartphone app based on the Coursepad platform.
  4. To implement everything, we will help you through the launching, distribution, feedback gathering, and scaling it.
  5. All that, and we also train managers and team, to learn and apply the Syzygy! framework and Coursepad platform.

This is the future of learning, and we’re looking for early adopters to work closely with us to lead the way.

We are also looking for more partners to work with. We believe that we can help you scale more reliably with a smart and beautiful platform.

Wishing you well,

Chia Wei

Chia Wei & Team Coursepad

P.S. All the wonderful graphs are provided by Software Advice, a buyer resource for learning management systems, recently released a report on the top LMS buyer trends in 2015.

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